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The Relearner is a non-profit project, which aims to bring knowledge about as many topics as possible to as many people as we can. Since the writers are busy students with a very low income, it is very hard to improve the quality and the quantity of the content without any kind of economic support. Also, we hope that the project can be extended to an NPO that works on creating cheap high-quality books for people in developing countries. If you would like to support us with any kind of donation, contact us directly. You can also hire any of the following services in exchange for a monetary contribution via credit card or paypal:

One-to-one tutoring

For $10, you can receive online tutoring via Skype once a week for 60 minutes on a science subject of your choice or on Spanish at any level or basic Japanese. You can choose to study with materials available online or using a textbook of your choice for an extra charge depending on its cost. Send us a message if you would like to use our tutoring services.

Homework help

When it comes to science subjects (chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.) at a high-school or college (freshman or sophomore) level, or language courses (Spanish at any level and Beginner’s Japanese) we can help you with your homework (keep in mind that we will not do your homework for you!). Depending on the difficulty of the homework, the contribution could range from $10 to $20. You will receive a two-page summary containing knowledge that will help you complete your homework, together with recommended references and videos. Write us and we will kindly review your homework and help you.

Introduction to a topic

If you want to know about a certain topic but you don’t know where to start, we can help. Just like with the homework help, we will make a two-page summary and add recommended readings and videos that would help you understand the topic better. You can get this for the equivalent of $10 per summary. You can contact us to request your summary.


Note that the purpose of these services is to give a symbolic amount of knowledge in exchange for your economic support to our project. We will do our best in order to give you a high-quality work and if you are not satisfied with it we will be happy to review it. We do not offer refunds for our work.


Write for The Relearner

If you’re as passionate about Science and Education as we are, writing a blog entry for us would help us as much as any financial support to the project. Contact us if you’re interested in building this project together.