Gerardo Urbina

13503043_10209028015116116_4212798565997977571_oMy name is Gerardo Urbina. I am a Salvadoran chemistry student at Nagoya University. I have always had an extreme passion for learning, particularly when it comes to natural sciences but I am also quite interested in other fields, such as languages and philosophy.

As a senior undergraduate student, I recently started realizing that I have been constantly forgetting and restudying most of the things I have learned in the past five years, which includes what I learned from courses at my university, my language skills, the contents of the books I have read and plenty of knowledge from other sources.

I would be fine with that, except for the fact that I left my country and I am receiving a scholarship in order to get the best education I can get in a top-level institution, so it would be a waste of my time and the money I’m receiving if I just let all this knowledge go.

This feeling inspired me to start this project: I will “relearn” all the knowledge I have been studying in the past five years—languages (English and Japanese), courses at my university (from freshman courses on different subjects to the Graduate School Entrance Examination topics) and books—and I will summarize it and share it for people who want to learn things but don’t have the access to such courses or lack the time to study everything by themselves. I will also post about Spanish for people who want to learn this language, too.

That is a lot of stuff to relearn, I know, but this will be a long-term project. I will hopefully post on a weekly basis, going from basic to more complex topics, also jumping from one topic to another depending on the readers’ requests, with the hope that there will eventually be more writers—and more readers—so that this becomes a place for sharing knowledge that people would have no access to otherwise.

This blog is also a place for me to learn, so if you have any suggestions, corrections (particularly about my English, since I’m not a native speaker) or any kind of comment, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope you enjoy the relearning experience.