Learning is beautiful, but it can also be quite annoying sometimes. College students might agree that the more you learn, the more you spend time reviewing things you were supposed to have already learned but you forgot. Professors expect you to remember everything you have studied so far, so you go back to your old notes once in a while trying to find something that will help you understand in one afternoon a topic that you studied for several semesters. We spend much of our time relearning instead of just learning.

But relearning does not have to be a bad thing. We all do it and sometimes we understand things better after the second time we study them. Even better: it gives us the chance to master our knowledge and see things we could have missed. Here at The Relearner we take it to the next level: we believe that relearning can be a very good tool for teaching. With that in mind, this blog is all about sharing knowledge. College students (the authors) who want to review many things they studied during their first years in college can do it more efficiently if they teach the relearned contents to students who are currently learning that or who do not have the chance to study in a high-level institution. It is a win-win situation: the relearners learn better, and the learners get the chance to receive knowledge not from a professor, but from the perspective of another student who has already studied it before.

So far, there is only one author working at The Relearner and, due to his background, we will focus mostly on natural sciences and languages but if—hopefully—more authors join, The Relearner can become a greater place for sharing knowledge that some people would have no access to otherwise.

We hope you enjoy the relearning experience.


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