30 Days of Russian: Day 6: Writing a Diary

Привет! Today, as I’ve been doing every day, I did my Duolingo assignments and reviewed all the words I’ve been adding to my lists on Quizlet. I still only have the words from the last lesson I studied in the book I mentioned previously and some new words I learned from Duolingo. Besides that, I decided I wanted to start writing a little bit more, so I thought it might be a good idea to start writing a diary in Russian.

Actually, I’ve been writing a diary since the beginning of this month. It all started because I decided to focus on six different aspects of my life: My thesis (research on nucleic acids), learning languages (Russian and French), my health (exercising and eating healthy), my finances (saving money and finding a part-time job), learning programming (with Harvard’s course cs50), and my band (check out our YouTube channel). The idea is to devote at least one hour every day to one or more activities in each category. Some days after I started doing that, I started writing a little diary with all the things I do throughout the day using this very simple typewriter-like website that automatically saves your files so you can access them from any device. This time I tried to do it in Russian, and this is what I’ve got so far:


And those few sentences took so much time to write. While I was writing that, I found an amazing website called “Reverso Context“, where you can find sentences translated naturally into many languages and compare the natural usage of certain words. I can use this website to write in Russian by looking at examples although I still don’t know how to decline words and conjugate verbs. I wrote in my diary, for example, “… я могу найти предложений, переведенных на русский язык.” I’m not sure if this is correct, but it’s supposed to say  “I can find sentences translated into Russian.” I managed to build this sentence based on the following two searches I made:


This way, I can write and learn a lot of words and grammar in the right context. I also created another Quizlet list for the words I learn as I write my diary.

I still don’t really feel a big improvement after six days of studying Russian for at least one hour every day, but when I look back at what I wrote in the first entry of this blog, I can tell that I’ve made some progress. Maybe I’ve been too scared of learning grammar properly so I will try to start with that next time.

See you! Пока!

Gerardo Urbina is a Chemistry student at Nagoya University who loves reading and learning about anything. Born and raised in El Salvador, he speaks Spanish, English and Japanese, and is currently learning French and Russian. Read more about him and his ideas for The Relearner.


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