30 Days of Russian – Day 4: Immersion


This is actually quite fulfilling.

I’ve been studying Russian for at least one hour every day for the past few days and I have developed many necessary skills (I can type and write faster), but I still don’t feel that my Russian knowledge is really increasing that much. That’s why I think that the next step is immersing myself.

Besides completing 50 points in Duolingo every day, reviewing words on Quizlet, and writing short texts here, I think I should also try to have more Russian in my daily life. If I had enough money, I would travel to Russia for one month, but that’s not going to happen so I’ll have to improvise.

The first obvious option is to change the language on all my devices to Russian, which I did. It has been very hard not to do silly things on my iPhone when I get a notification that says “запретить” and “разрешить” at the end (the equivalent of “don’t allow” and “ok” when an app asks for permission to do something). I also changed my Facebook language, which reminded me of how funny my name looks in Cyrillic.


“Где я работаю? А зачем ты хочешь это знать, Фейсбук?”

But besides all these things, I also decided to start using Vkontakte (a social network similar to Facebook) again, after forgetting about it for more than a year, so I wrote this post to see if people still remember me and want to talk to me. It took me a lot of time to write it, especially because I had to google many things in order to write it using proper grammar (although it’s probably wrong, anyway).


Ignore the fact that my Vkontakte is still in English.

I learned so much just by writing that post, and I hope I’ll start talking with more Russian-speakers and learn a lot faster.

See you next time! Пока!

Gerardo Urbina is a Chemistry student at Nagoya University who loves reading and learning about anything. Born and raised in El Salvador, he speaks Spanish, English and Japanese, and is currently learning French and Russian. Read more about him and his ideas for The Relearner.


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