30 Days of Russian – Day 3: Developing Useful Techniques.

Привет! Today I spent my time figuring out how to make my Russian-learning experience more efficient. Since I study mostly using my computer, I decided that I have to first learn how to use the Russian keyboard properly. I started practicing using this website, where you can memorize the location of each key through a lot of exercises.



я думаю что освоить клавиатуру очень важный, потому что я должен писать много для учиться руский язык.

You will notice that from now on I’ll keep writing random Russian sentences related to what I’m talking about in my posts. If you know Russian, I would appreciate it if you can correct them or write your suggestions in the comments.

I got quite tired after a while, and I realized that I needed a lot of practice before I could really memorize the keyboard, but I still need to type Russian in order to write, google stuff or translate words I don’t know. That’s why I decided to make these (it would have been a lot easier if I had a white marker) and stick them to my keyboard:


Now that I am able to type Russian properly, I decided to make flashcards for the words I’ve learned. I started with the vocabulary from the lesson I learned this week from the book I mentioned in my previous entries. I used quizlet.com, which is a website that not only allows you to create flashcards but it also provides you with many ways to learn, including some game-like activities.


Making a list of words on Quizlet is very easy.


Мне нравится quizlet.com потому что я могу изучать многие слова которые я всегда забыть.

So, I basically spent a couple of hours learning how to type and making my first list of words on Quizlet. I will hopefully make more lists, using not only words from that book but also words that I learn in general.

See you next time! Пока!

Gerardo Urbina is a Chemistry student at Nagoya University who loves reading and learning about anything. Born and raised in El Salvador, he speaks Spanish, English and Japanese, and is currently learning French and Russian. Read more about him and his ideas for The Relearner.


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