30 Days of Russian – Day 2: Getting Serious

First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t have time to write a post every day this week. This doesn’t mean that I failed the challenge. I have actually been studying Russian for at least an hour every day during the past four days. I’ll try to write more often so I can catch up, but for the moment I’ll be talking about what I learned two days ago.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m studying Russian once a week with a friend, thanks to the Tandem project by NUFSA (if you’re a Nagoya University student, write them at this e-mail and you can find a language-learning partner: nufsa.nagoya@gmail.com) and we’re using a book called “Русский язык для начинающих” (Russian for beginners) which can be found as a pdf file if you write that in google. Each unit contains a list of words to memorize and a series of conversations and grammar drills. This time we studied Unit 4 and I learned some words to refer to places (districts, school, buildings, houses, etc.), the basics of pluralizing nouns and possessive pronouns, as well as demonstrative pronouns (this, that). We went through the whole unit, reading it together and practicing using the exercises. Having a Russian-speaker next to me really helps with my pronunciation.



This is the book, which I study using my computer, as you can see.


As I will probably be doing, here’s a short Russian text about what I learned. This time I’m using a dictionary and I’m still using phonetic ways to type Russian since I haven’t memorized the Russian keyboard, yet.

Сегодня я читал текст и я изучал грамматику. Была очень интересно. К сожалению, я забыл многие слова. Я хочу писать новые слова на тетрадь или онлайн. Я тоже хочу изучать русскую клавиатуру.

And a short text that I had to translate from English as part of an exercise:

Это район где я живу. Наш район новый и красивый. Вот мой дом, а это больница, где моя мама работает. Это школа, где моя сестра учится, а это дом, где мои друзья живёт.

Next time, I will hopefully make a list of words to remember that can be accessed by anybody on quizlet.com, and I will try to memorize the Russian keyboard (or at leats put stickers on my English keyboard).

See you next time! Пока!

Gerardo Urbina is a Chemistry student at Nagoya University who loves reading and learning about anything. Born and raised in El Salvador, he speaks Spanish, English and Japanese, and is currently learning French and Russian. Read more about him and his ideas for The Relearner.



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